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After a poor week for Ubisoft, with leeks of the cover art, main character and release date, here we have the first official trailer for the new Assassins Creed, also known as Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag. Enjoy folks and as always, let us know what you think!

Here you have it folks. After a 5 day countdown, we finally have the trailer for Cloudy WIth a Chance of Meatballs 2. So what do people think?

Arrow, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural renewed for next season

A quick bit of news before my reviews! Arrow, Vampire Diaries and Supernatural will all get a brand new season, I am particularly excited for Supernatural as I am currently going through all of the seasons at the moment and enjoying them immensely.

Dead Space 3 Released in the EU tomorrow - 8th February

The big day for myself(Tom) is tomorrow! Been looking forward to Dead Space 3 for so long! Expect a full review very soon and also, a full review of Biffy Clyro’s new album, ‘Opposites’ and even more also, Visceral have announced DLC for Dead Space 3. ‘Awakened’ shall be released sometime in March and will cost about 800 Points on the Xbox 360 or €9.99 on the Playstation Network.


Loved Entourage? Then you’ll love this

Warner Brothers has tonight confirmed that they have given the go ahead for an Entourage movie. Since the series ended in 2011, its been up in the air about whether we would see Vince and co back for more. With this announcement, we sure will.

With a script written by the series creator, Doug Ellen, its sure to be interesting.

Negotiations are currently on-going with the cast to have them all reprise their rolls, including Beverly D’Angelo as Barbara Miller and Rhys Coiro as Billy Walsh

Fingers crossed for a full cast return! 

Playstation 4 hinted at being released after Xbox 360 successor

Kaz Hirai has hinted that Sony have no plans to release the Playstation before the next Xbox. He has been quoted in saying “Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?”

Let us see where this takes us,


Source: The Gaming Liberty

New Killswitch Engage Album ‘Disarm the Descent’ Get’s a Release Date

It was recently announced that Metalcore band Killswitch Engage’s brand new album would be confirmed to be known as ‘Disarm the Descent’ and will be released on the 2nd of April and this will be the bands very first album with former lead singer, Jesse Leach, since their second album,2002’s Alive Or Just Breathing.

A full review will come in April upon release and any news shall be posted here!



DmC is out and about and I may give it a rent once I get the opportunity! The trailer looks unreal!

Dead Space 3 Demo goes live..for those who signed up for it!

On January 15th 2013, the demo for Dead Space 3 went live for those who signed up to Origin to receive an early access code emailed to them straight from EA.

The full public demo will be released on the 22nd of January and the full version of Dead Space 3 will be released February 5th in the US, February 7th in Australia and then finally on the 8th of February here in the EU.

I got an early access code for the demo to which I downloaded straight away and played through last night after certain amounts of college work. From the beginning straight to the end, the demo is awesome. You begin as Isaac hanging upside down in his crashed shuttle and have to make your way to shelter and to find your fallen crew mates such as Carver and Ellie. You walk in the snowy blizzards of Tau Volantis which , if you are worried about the isolation that made Dead Space, well, Dead Space. There is no need to worry. Once you are surrounded by the pure white atmosphere, you immediately feel pure isolation and terror. I won’t ruin anymore of the actual demo for you fine fine people but the one thing that struck me straight off. You face your first set of human enemies in the Dead Space universe and I immediately shot at their limbs but I soon realised that they were not Necromorphs. They could not die from what I was doing so I shot their chests…Dead Space made me unlearn the headshot.

Coming from a Dead Space fanatic. There is nothing to worry about Dead Space 3. It is shaping up to be something awesome and truly spectaculary beautiful.



Movie News: Mark Wahlberg NOT in talks for Transformers 4

Seems we got it wrong folks. Mark Wahlberg is not in talks to join the cast of the latest Transformers BUT has been in talks with Mr.Bay about another, as of yet unknown, project. Seems Optimus and co will have to find another bad ass to help them out this time.

More when we know it!